• You can double or triple your contribution to the Joaquin Miller PTA by taking advantage of your corporate match benefit.


    Many companies, both large and small, will match donations made by their employees. It only takes five minutes to find the requirements of your company.

    Corporate matching gift programs differ from company to company, some require form completion, telephone calls and others have an online system.


    4 Easy steps for completing your corporate match:


    1. Make a donation to the Joaquin Miller Elementary PTA. You may maximize any monetary donation made through our Kids Come First Campaign and/or Joaq-a-thon by through corporate matching.


    1. Keep your receipt. You’ll need it to submit a match request.


    1. Search for your company using XXthe search bar belowXX. No results? Contact your HR department to inquire.


    1. Match your contribution by following your company’s instructions. Fill out your match request form soon after your donation so you don’t forget!