• Expectations of Students

    Students will be expected to meet all course goals with a passing grade. Assessment are both through team and individual performance.

    Class instruction and laboratory delivery is through; lecture, demonstration, class discussion, instructor demonstration, note taking, role playing, internships and outside activities. Evaluation is determined by; written testing, rubric scored labs and classroom participation, project delivery, instructor observation, and self & peer evaluations. Most course instruction is given in the class setting. Some project work involves outside research. Strong emphasis is placed on workplace skills (attitude, attendance, professionalism, dependability, participation, and cooperation). A positive and professional work ethic is mandatory.

    To accomplish course goals students are expected to:

    • Attend class daily, be ready for class when the bell rings, take notes when chef is lecturing or doing a demonstration
    • All students will sign a contract regarding safety, procedures in the kitchen, responsibilities, and conduct 
    • Cell phones are only permitted when the chef’s allows
    • Students will be asked to leave class for: distracting class and instructors, sleeping, not participating, being disrespectful, not doing daily jobs, not being  professional, respectful, and not following the rules of the kitchen.
Culinary students