Students undergo many personal and academic "stressors" everyday.  The Madison Park COST team wants to help! We are readily available to assist students with any personal challenges and to make referrals to counseling resources on and off campus. If you believe your student could benefit from additional support, you can fill out this COST referral form and submit it to one of our COST coordinators. 


    Layne Hamilton - Middle School COST layne.hamilton@ousd.org 

    Francisco Alvarado - High School COST francisco.alvaradojr@ousd.org 


    Here are a few of the services we connect students to: 

    • Individual Counseling 
    • Group Counseling 
    • Substance Prevention 
    • Academic Support 
    • Mentoring 
    • After School Program
    • Parent Support 
    • Attendance Support 
    • Health and Nutrition Services 
    • Peer Support Groups 
    • Psychoeducational Workshops 
    • Basic Needs 
    • Immigration and Legal Resources 


    Our Partners: 

    • Fred Finch
    • Native American Health Center 
    • Safe Passages 
    • MISSSEY 
    • Joven Nobles 
    • BACR 
    • TUPE 
    • La Familia
    • Roots 
    • Beats, Rhymes, and LIfe 



     COST Services


    • Center for Healthy Schools - Robin Noel Morales (Robin.Morales@acgov.org)
      • Coordination and Development of Behavioral Health Services to MPA

      • Delivery of Youth Development opportunities 

      • Cultivating a Climate and Culture of wellness, resiliency and possibility

      • Crisis Response and Aftercare

      • Consultation to MPA Admin and Staff

      • Connecting Alameda County initiatives to the school community and bring school concerns to Alameda County leadership


    • Native American Health Clinic - Silvia Calderon (SilviaC@nativehealth.org)
    • Services
  • MPA 6-12 Grades - Mental Health Crisis Protocol





    1. Immediately inform school site


    2. Call Parent or guardian immediately


    3. Call mobile crisis or OUSD PD and complete Crisis Response Tool


    4. Call Behavioral Health Program Manager (BHUPM) to inform and consult on 5150


    5. Assessing person completes incident report for the principal


    6. Complete COST referral


    7. First responders provide oversight and communication for re-entry

    1. Assess the need to call an administrator, front office, and parent or guardian clinic / school nurse (HIPAA, FERPA, CA Ed Code)


    2. Make a safety plan


    3. If appropriate, make COST referral


    4. Follow up with the person that referred the student and school administrator










    MPA 6-12 Grades - Mental Health Crisis Responders


    When there is a concern that a student is a danger to self or other, one of the on-site first responder is contacted for assessment

    (If no on-site staff is available staff throughout the process call Behavioral Health Program Manager) 


    First Responders (Able to conduct suicide risk assessment)

    Robin Morales, LMFT (510) 301-2797

    Nancy Tavolacci-Arista, LCSW (510) 506-0141

    Terezia Orosz, LCSW (Only at MPA on Mon/Thur) (510) 636-4210

    Michael Wright, Associate MFT (510) 301-2940


    Second Reponders (Student, family and logistical support)

    Brenda Landeros (Health Center Program Manager) (510) 636-4210

    Kyle McClerkins (Restorative Practices) (510) 830-9703

    Claudia Ortiz-Silva (Family Liaison) (510) 432-2730

    Layne Hamilton (MS Counselor) (925) 683-6834


    Crisis Debrief Team

    -First and second responders involved

    -Specific teachers and administrators who are involved with student


    OUSD Behavioral Health Staff

    Behavioral Health Program Manager - Sandee Simmons – (510) 390-2577

    Behavioral Specialist - Kasey Kaufman– (510) 878-4359


    OUSD PD – 510-874-7777

    OPD: Officer Moore 510-224-8366 (shift 7:30 am to 4pm)
    Officer Lam 510-849-7060 (shift 10 am to 6pm)

  • If you are interested in COST services, please PRINT this form below and turn in to Layne Hamilton

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