• Project Achieve

  • Organized through Bay Area Resources, the MPA after school program, Project Achieve, has serviced 6th - 9th graders since 2007. Today Project Achieve has grown to supporting over 180 students. After school programming includes hot supper everyday for all community members between K-18. Working through community partnerships and collaborative support, the after school program brings together opportunities and experiences that enhance student learning and achievement. By creating spaces that allow students to be safe and off the streets, Project Achieve lets kids be kids and continue to grow to their full potential. 

What we offer your student:

  • Restorative + Community Building Circles 


    First Friday 






    Academic Support 


    Safe Space


    • Cycle of Change: Cycles of Change works to improve the health and sustainability of our neighborhoods by increasing the use of bicycles as transportation, connecting youth with the extraordinary living systems of our local area, and building a diverse community of visionary young leaders.
    • Photography: Students learn the skills and techniques of photography to enhance their creative sides 
    • Dance Team: Coached by Ms. Seitu, students hold weekly practices to learn different styles of dancing, rehearsals, and prep. 
    • Girls Group: Meeting daily to discuss issues impacting young women and empowering MPA girls to find ways to strengthen their community, their confidence, and their skills. 
    • DIY: Taking time to makie crafts, contribute to school beautification, healthy cooking, and more! 
    • Gamers Club: Studying different types of games to devise strategies, work together, support one another, and compete to have fun. 
    • Techbridge: Techbridge Girls excites, educates, and equips girls from low-income communities by delivering high-quality STEM programming that empowers a girl to achieve economic mobility and better life chances.
    • Alameda County Healthy Living classes
    • Camping Trips: Annual camping experiences with students to lead hikes, collaborate on cooking meals, community building, and exploring the wilderness. 
    • Money, Money, Money: A club to learn about financial literacy, money management, and money making strategies. 




  • Project Achieve Team: 

    Ms. Marshall 
    site coordinator

    Dion Evans

    Andrea Hallman

    Jorge Garibay

    Mr. K Buck

  • If you're interested in joining Project Achieve, please contact Meisha Marshall at mmarshall@bacr.org 

  • Hours

    M, Tu, Th, F (2:45 - 6:00pm)

    W (1:35 - 6:00pm)