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  •  The Future Center provides college knowledge and support for students who are interested in a post secondary education.  Staff at the center provide one on one services that will help students explore different college and career pathways, provide insight on colleges and their eligibility requirements, college application assistance, financial aid and scholarship assistance and more.  Staff members also collaborate with the Senior Seminar/Capstone Teacher to support seniors with their college, financial aid, and scholarship applications in class during the school day.


    The Future Center provides access and opportunities to students to adequately prepare them for life beyond high school. We organize mock interviews, in which we recruit community partners to facilitate interviews with students to prepare them for the workplace and experiences beyond the school walls. We explore campuses throughout the state by taking grade-wide field trips to schools like UC Merced, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Fresno State, San Francisico State, UC Santa Cruz, and more. Through these experiences, we want students to know about their options in higher education and what opportunities exist beyond MPA! 

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    Future Center Contacts

  • Bianca is the main contact for all work-based learning opportunities for students. Bianca organizes College & Career Day, Mock Interviews, Resume Workshop Day, and Adulting Day. In the summer, Bianca is responsible for student internships and experiences. Any interested students should see her in room 25!


    Contact Ding at bianca.lorenz@ousd.org

  • Ding is the main contact for all inquiries from representatives who are interested in visiting the school (companies, military, colleges, etc). He holds counseling for college applications, leads many college access initiatives within the school, and post-graduation plans.


    Contact Ding at eric.ding@ousd.org

  • Yee Leng Vang is Program Coordinator at MPA. Yee supports Madison Park Academy with one-on-one and group support sessions regarding college admissions, college and financial aid applications, college essays, and scholarships. 


    Contact Yee at yee@eastbayconsortium.org