• Rudsdale Newcomer High School

    Enrollment Eligibility, Process, and Timeline



    The following criteria are central to student eligibility for the program.

    Please keep in mind that the Rudsdale Newcomer program is not a disciplinary intervention.




    1. Schools should review potential candidates for the program against the enrollment criteria.
    2. If a student meets the criteria, interested students should fill out the Referral Form for Alternative Education. (Deadlines for referral forms are below.)
    3. Completed referral forms can be returned in person to Lakeview, 746 Grand Avenue, Room D or Room E (same hallway on the lower level) during school hours. They can also be emailed to Raechal.Perez@ousd.org.  Student eligibility will be verified again at this time.

    * If you have eligibility  questions, please email copy of the transcript to Assistant Principals, Emma Batten-Bowman and Alessandra Cabrera

    1. Eligible students will be informed of the next orientation date and placed on a list for Rudsdale Newcomer. (Orientation dates are listed below.)
    2. Students must attend the orientation in order to enroll. If they fail to attend orientation, they will remain enrolled at their original school. Schools that refer students are encouraged to remind students to attend the mandatory orientation.
    3. After attending to orientation, students will be moved in AERIES and assigned classes at Rudsdale Newcomer.


    Mandatory orientation is always held at Rudsdale Newcomer, 2369 84th Ave, the Wednesday before the new Marking Period.  Space is limited, so there may not be opportunities to enroll students later in the year.


    Enrolling for Marking Period 5

    • Referral Forms Due: February 19, 2019
    • Orientation for Enrolling MP5: February 20, 1pm
    • Marking Period 5 Begins: February 25, 2019


    Enrolling for Marking Period 6

    • Referral Forms Due: April 9, 2019
    • Orientation for Enrolling MP6: April 10, 1pm
    • Marking Period 6 Begins: April 15 2019