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    McClymonds High School's Improved Library


    Oakland Unified School District is committed to continual investment in McClymonds High School’s rich history and bright future. To improve the classroom experience at McClymonds High School, OUSD’s Facilities and Planning Division has devoted $4,000,000 to key infrastructure upgrades since 2016. These improvements to the learning environment at McClymonds include critical safety features, expanded facilities to learn and collaborate, energy efficiency projects, and major enhancements to McClymonds’ commitment to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education.


    It’s all part of OUSD’s commitment to the Intensive Support School Initiative at McClymonds, one of the key pillars of OUSD’s Pathway to Excellence Strategic Plan. Intensive Support focuses on putting additional resources into our schools and transforming them – community by community – into the highest possible quality public school in Oakland. McClymonds is one of five Intensive Support schools in the district.


    Key McClymonds High School Upgrades


    Since 2016, we’ve:

     Improved School Safety 

    • Added new LED parking lot light fixtures to improve visibility at night.

    • Added new surveillance cameras around the campus to deter crime.

    Enhanced Learning Environments through Technology

    • Provided complete wireless connectivity throughout the entire campus, including the gymnasium.

    • Fitted the computer lab, Room 200, with new ergonomic chairs and desks.

    • Increased power and data utilities to serve the new Best Buy Teen Tech Center.

    • Enhanced Audio Visual capabilities in the cafeteria and the main office.

    Improved Shared Learning Spaces  

    • Added a common gathering space called the Plaza of Peace, which has become a popular place for collaborative thinking, group assignments, and homework.

    • Installed new outdoor tables in the courtyard to create an extension of the classroom to inspire learning and give students more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

    Energy Efficiency at McClymonds High School

    Through Prop 39, the state fund to make California’s K-12 schools more energy efficient, OUSD’s Facilities and Planning Department is making several key improvements at McClymonds to create a more comfortable learning environment, reduce energy usage, and save the district money. These improvements include: 

    • New cooling fans throughout McClymonds classrooms to help create more comfortable spaces to learn and grow.

    • New T8 interior lighting fixtures in the gymnasium that are more energy efficient.

    • New occupancy sensors and dual level motion sensors which increase lighting levels when pedestrians approach.

    • New energy efficient units to replace three steam boilers, six furnaces, and the steam coils for the auditorium.

    These improvements help the district focus resources where they belong: on the best possible education for our students.


    Major Investments in STEAM Education at McClymonds High School

    Many of the jobs of the future require immersive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education. At McClymonds, OUSD’s Facilities and Planning Division is focused on expanding college and career pathways for our students.


    Our 9th Grade Science Academy Lab

    The 9th Grade Academy is essentially a school within a school organized around interdisciplinary teams of English, math, science and ethnic studies that share a specific corridor of the building. We recently built out a biology lab for the academy – the first dedicated science space in the 9th Grade Academy corridor.  This space helps fulfill McClymonds’ core STEAM curriculum and allows students an opportunity for greater support by grouping them in a small learning environment with modern scientific tools and equipment.


    Our Mack Maker’s Space

    The Mack Maker Space’s mission is to create more opportunities for young people to make things. This integrates students into a learning environment where they can use technology and equipment to create something tangible and real. For many students, this kind of hands-on learning builds confidence, fosters creativity, and sparks an interest in STEAM learning as a whole. We recently renovated a classroom in the Mack Maker’s Space to provide students with better facilities to explore their promise. At OUSD, we know that if a student feels they can build anything, they can learn anything too.


    Our Library Innovative Technology Center

     The Library Innovative Technology Center, already considered the heart of McClymonds High School, will be an even more vibrant and inviting place when OUSD’s Facilities and Planning Department completes renovations in 2018. We’re making sure that this culturally relevant, teen-centered space will get students excited about books, reading, collaborating, discussing ideas, and uncovering possibilities for their future. This space will include:


    • The MACK World Café, a space where students, parents, and community members can relax, visit, and share enjoyable times over coffee or tea.

    • The Africana Center Classroom, a space that will house vast information and research that honors African American history and contributions. Modeled after the Merritt College Africana Center, its curriculum will honor black alumni and the history of McClymonds High School through arts and artifacts.

     Our Promise: a Pathway to Excellence at McClymonds

     As one of five schools in OUSD targeted for Intensive Support, McClymonds students, parents, and teachers can expect great improvements in the coming school year. The Facilities and Planning Department has prioritized McClymonds, because we know that every OUSD student deserves the best possible learning environment without delay and without question.

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