• OUSD continues to work diligently to close a structural budget deficit. It has been a profound challenge to find areas where we can make adjustments while keeping reductions as far away from our students and classrooms as possible.


    As we examined the Oakland Athletic League (OAL), it became clear that reductions to sports programs were necessary to ensure the District stays within budget. In an August 24 letter to school communities, Supt. Johnson-Trammell shared that ten sports programs would be eliminated for 2018-19. This was an extremely difficult decision, because we know how important sports are to students, their families and our school communities. 


    There has been much discussion and activity since August 24; please see the timeline below for the latest updates.


  • August 28, 2018




    August 27, 2018

    • OUSD would like to extend deep gratitude to the anonymous community donors who have provided more than $38,000 specifically to restore our girls’ tennis, girls’ golf and girls’ lacrosse programs across the District. Additionally, bowling is being converted to a club sport. This means that all of our fall sports programs will continue. But there is still more work to be done to address winter and spring sports and to implement a sustainability plan.



    August 24, 2018


    Excerpt from the letter:


    The following 10 high school sports will be eliminated:

    • Fall​ - Bowling, Girls’ Golf and Girls’ Tennis *see Aug. 27 update above*
    • Winter​ - Wrestling
    • Spring​ - Swimming, Boys’ Golf, Boys’ Tennis, Girls’ Lacrosse*, Girls’ Badminton and Boys’ Volleyball


    The following high school sports will continue, with some reductions:

    • Fall​ - Football, Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country, Cheer and Girls’ Volleyball
    • Winter​ - Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer and Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball
    • Spring​ - Baseball, Softball and Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field


    Middle school sports will remain unchanged.


  • OUSD is actively seeking funding from community and industry partners. If you would like to donate and help Save Oakland Sports, please use the link below.




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    Last updated August 31, 2018.

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    for new funding sources, please contact ousdathletics@ousd.org.


    Sonjha Phillips
    Interim Oakland Athletic League Commissioner


    Andrea Bustamante
    Executive Director of Community Schools Student Services