• Enrichment Programs on-site at RHS




    Please note:

    -Not all course offerings will be for the entire duration of the semester. 

    -Check the dates listed below, and on the course flyer.  

    -Take note of what the instructor plans to do for special minimum days. 

    -Time and location are subject to change due to academic events. 

    -For registration information, please click on the course offering on the side menu.

    -Some enrichment providers request information about emergency contact information and who is allowed to pick up your child on their registration forms. If they don't, please fill out THIS FORM for the class and include it when you register for the class.


    Financial Aid is available, but limited. See the Financial Aid section for more information.  The deadline is December 19th to apply for classes that are offered January - May.


    If you would like to offer a course, please contact the Enrichment Coordinator for more information on how you can get involved.