• All RHS classrooms use a combination of rotational models, flipped learning, individual and small group instruction, play lists, and online programs to promote student agency and increase efficient use of teacher-student time. RHS is intentional about ways for children to collaborate using technology and leveraging technology to meet individual student needs.

    Students at all academic levels can be taught higher level thinking skills through individual, small group, and whole group activities, both online and face-to-face. A student who masters a concept before the rest of the class does not need to wait until the end of the unit to move on. Students who need extra time move ahead at their own pace, greatly improving the chance that concepts are understood and the skills are learned.

    We believe that personalization can be a powerful vehicle to close the achievement gap. We will do this by:

    • Using data strategically to design learning pathways based on what a child truly needs;
    • Implementing targeted small group instruction;
    • Leveraging adaptive online programs that complement teacher instruction;
    • Strengthening student choice in place, pace and pathways towards learning.

    We also know that for education to be truly personalized, we must ensure that RHS educators have an awareness of implicit bias and a deep commitment to see the promise of every child. Thus, we offer ongoing professional development to our teachers on all aspects of personalized learning, including how to create Identity-Safe Classrooms.

    We are excited to take our personalization work to scale with a new vision that incorporates everything we've learned for our school.



Smiling Redwood Heights Students
  • The RHS Student

    I know exactly what I want and what I need to learn. I master content before I move on. I sign up for assessments when I am ready. I set my own learning goals. I see progress everday. I have a level of choice over how, where, and what I learn. I learn by collaborating with freinds and classmates. In enjoy engaging in productive struggle. I have many opprtunities to be creative. I am joyfully engaged.


    "My goal is to have all students setting goals, working at their own pace, moving through the curriculum as they master content, and making important choices about when, where, and how they learn. We are transitioning from teacher-made groups to student-chosen groups and are developing personal learning plans"- Theresa Sanders, RHS 3rd Grade Teacher