Welcome from Principal Bagby-Ellison

  • Principal Cynthia Bagby and RHS Students Dear Redwood Heights Family,

    Welcome to our school. We are excited to return and are ready for ALL the goodness to come in this new school year.

    As part of our staff development we enjoyed a fantastic team building activity: an improv class! Improv employs soft skills such as listening and communicating. During improv, there is no time to retreat into your own mind, planning and pondering what you might say or deciding where you want the scene or story to go. Instead, you must be fully present, listening intently to what your fellow participants say. You must accept their contributions (Yes...) and make split second decisions about how to build onto their ideas with something new (And) to develop together the best and funniest scene or story possible.

    The "Yes...And" philosophy encourages a safe place for brainstorming and team building because people work together, listen to each other's ideas, accept them, and build on them. Often, the best ideas are created when individuals collaborate, working off each others' thoughts, unafraid to make suggestions. This process involves a high-level of communication and collaboration, with less ego and more openness.

    Like during our improv class, here at Redwood Heights we create a safe place for our students to take chances, contribute, and engage so that they can learn, grow, and develop to their highest potential.  All of us work in the spirit of service for children to bring alive our motto, "A Place Where All Students Thrive and Excel".

    To children, we say, "Yes...we accept you for who you are And we are here to help you grow. We will work tirelessly to support your intellectual, social, and emotional development."

    Our vision is for all RHS students to find joy in their educational experience and develop themselves as creative, engaged, caring, collaborative critical thinkers and innovators prepared for college, career, and community success in our culturally rich and diverse 21st Century communities.

    To reach this vision we:

    • Focus on EQUITY. Every child thrives and excels.

    • Employ PERSONALIZED LEARNING. We meet the needs of all learners.

    • Foster INNOVATION and GROWTH. We inspire a lifelong love of learning.

    • Develop AGENCY. We nurture compassionate and engaged global citizens.

    • Practice INCLUSION. We recognize differences as assets and treat each other with genuine kindness and respect.

    This school year we expect everyone to embrace the spirit of service to children with a Yes... And approach. As a community, let us continue to work together to create the most excellent and engaging environment for their growth and learning.



    Ms. Bagby-Ellison