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    Ms. Fiel Recommends


    Quick Reads:

    Latinitas Magazine - This magazine calls itself a “Strong Voice for Latina Youth”

    Sesi MagazineSesi is a magazine all about Black Girl Magic.

    Rookie Magazine - A magazine for teens that is written by teens

    Teen Ink - Another magazine by teens and for teens

    The Plot & Other Comics - Funny online comics by Neil Brideau

    Madaya Mom - An online comic about Syria from Marvel Comics

    Research Resources:

    Secondary Sources:

    If you need password/username, please contact Ms. Fiel.

    Encyclopedia Brittanica:

    In English: school.eb.com

    In Spanish: escolar.eb.com

    Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context

    Gale Student Resources in Context


    Primary Sources:

    The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - Primary source documents and lesson plans

    The National Archives

    DocsTeach - A project of the National Archives that includes lesson plans.

    Library of Congress

    National Museum of African American History and Culture

    Life Magazine Photo Archive

    Newseum - Highly interactive website that explores both past and current news articles

    All Sides - Current events articles shown side-by-side from right, middle and left-leaning sources to illustrate media bias.

    If you are doing a research project, please contact Ms. Fiel for a focused list of resources.


    Great videos & podcasts for the classroom:

    Crash Course Kids - Great, engaging science videos on a variety of topics. Most run under 5 minutes long.

    The Brain Scoop - Super interesting science videos. Most run about 5-15 minutes long.

    Smithsonian Channel - History and science.

    Ted Ed - Basically Ted Talks, but more engaging and created for students.

    Brains On - Super interesting (mostly) science podcast designed for kids, about 15-20 minutes long.

    Wild Animal Chronicles - 6 minute videos on animals from National Geographic.

    Tumble - Another super interesting science podcast for kids.


    Educational Technology and Resources for Teachers:

    Note to teachers - if you would like to incorporate any of these technologies into the classrooms and have questions or would like a demo, just let Ms. Fiel know. Ms. Fiel can also help you with any questions about G Suite for Education tools. There are tons of other tools not listed here - if you want to try blended learning in your classroom and are not sure where to start, that's another question for Ms. Fiel. :)

    Epic Books - Free online books for use with your classroom.

    Biblionasium - Book review site that can be used as an alternative to AR

    Quizlet - Design basic quizes and turn them into games; especially useful for vocabulary

    Kahoot! - Live gameshow-style classroom quizes

    Symbaloo - If you have content to deliver online, you can use Symbaloo to turn it into a gaming "path" with badges

    Google Maps - Have you considered using Google Maps with social study or geography lessons? There are cool ways to incorporate Google Earth and street view to make lessons seem more "real"

    Newsela - Current headlines modified for reading level.

    We also have access to game-based learning modules on design thinking, financial literacy and socio-emotional learning. If you are interested in setting up a module on one of these topics in your class, talk to Ms. Fiel!