• College Readiness



    College preparedness is a foundational aspect of MPA's planning, organization, and teaching practices. We strive to ensure that our students have the skills and resources to seek out higher education opportunities. 



    Madison Park Academy achieved a 90.7% cohort graduation rate for its very first senior class (2017), which was the third highest in the district. 




    For our Class of 2018, here are where our students were admitted:

    MPA admission rates


    For the Class of 2018, here are the institutions students attended:

    MPA Post-Secondary Destinations




    Almost all courses offered at MPA are A-G courses, meaning that students at MPA have no problem completing the required courses for college.


    To check out our UC/CSU -Approved Course's List go here: https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist#/list/details/4928/