Ms. Nikita Williams



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Nikita Williams


Role at Garfield


Community Schools Manager


Who are you?


I am a leader, a motivator, a mother and a determined individual. I grew up in Oakland and attended OUSD schools.


What are your core values?


My core values are family, integrity, courage, endeavor and learning. I believe all of my values are the key to a balanced and successful life for myself.


How did your family, educational experiences, etc. impact your life?


My family and education heavily impacted my life choices and employment opportunities. Growing up in Oakland and being the oldest in my family I had to step up and be a role model for my siblings. My family has always been supportive of my life choices and my grandmother was always a positive role model. With all the support and encouragement, I attended community college and was offered an intern position with EBAYC. This opportunity allowed me to find my passion to work with Oakland youth. Over the course of 14 years I’ve learned and grew with EBAYC. I started off as an intern, became a program assistant, site coordinator and ended up as the program director. I am now the current community school manager here at Garfield Elementary and I’m ecstatic to serve my community. With support and motivation, you can do anything!


Why do you do this work?


The reason I do the work I do is because I always wanted to give back to my community that I grew up in. I enjoy making a difference in peoples' lives and being a positive role model.


What are 1-2 things you want all students to know (ie. I believe in myself, I can be anything I want to be)?


One thing I want all students to know is there is no limit when it comes to success. I want them to know they can be whoever they want to be as long as they work towards their goals. Also I want them to know they should never give up because hard work pays off.


What is your greatest hope for culture development this school year?


My greatest hope for culture development this year is unity. I want to see everyone as one while still respecting others culture.