Teacher's Corner

  • What should teachers know for BIC?


    Teachers play a central role in the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) model and we understand it can be challenging to know where to start. See below for a how-to guide for BIC:


    1. Breakfast will be delivered to classrooms or should be picked up in the morning at a predetermined location. 


    2. Red and Blue BIC bags should always include a BIC meal count form, breakfast entrees, fruit—fresh and dried, as well as milk. 


    3. Students must take a complete meal in order to be compliant with USDA regulations. What is a complete breakfast meal? 



    4. As students are eating, teachers can: 

    • take attendance
    • collect homework
    • have quiet reading time
    • make announcements
    • etc. 


    5. Make sure to fill out the Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) meal count form with the number of students who ate breakfast that day. 


    6. Clean-up: There should be brown paper bags in your BIC bags that can be used for any trash produced OR your school may have designated trash cans stationed in the hallway for breakfast. 




  • Below are some resources we've compiled to help teachers prepare as they embark on the BIC adventure.  


    What makes a Complete Breakfast

    In order to be compliant with USDA regulations and nutritional guidelines, students must take a complete breakfast meal. What is a complete breakfast meal?

    Click on the link above to download a complete breakfast guide. 


    Breakfast After the Bell Myths

    Breakfast After the Bell (BAB) is defined as breakfast that is offered to students after the beginning of their school day. Breakfast in the Classroom is just one of several models for how Breakfast After the Bell can be utilized.

    Click on the link above to debunk common school breakfast myths and concerns. 


  • BIC Bags

National School Breakfast Week