• Kindergarten/1st Grade
    Room 120: UC Davis

Ms. Quach



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Quach


Role at Garfield


Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher


Who are you? 


I am the third child of six children in my family.


What are your core values?


My core value is hard work will pay off in the future.


How did your family, educational experiences, etc. impact your life?


I am in history books you might probably read in school. I was one of those Vietnamese boat people who escaped Communism to find freedom on a small fishing boat. I lived in a refugee camp just like some of our students did. I overcame obstacles in my life by working hard and not giving up. Resilience is the key to overcome stumbling blocks in my life. I am the first generation in my family to go to college. My parents couldn’t help me with homework because they didn’t speak English, but that didn’t deter them from supporting the idea of sending me to college. They went to school meetings and workshops about getting ready for college. They didn’t attend school in America. So the only way for them to understand the school system is to attend every meeting the school offers, from elementary to high school.


Why do you do this work?


I am a teacher because I like to see the glow in the students’ faces when they achieve something they want to accomplish.


What are 1-2 things you want all students to know (ie. I believe in myself, I can be anything I want to be)?


I want all students to work hard and that hard work will pay off in the end.


What is your greatest hope for culture development this school year?


My greatest hope for culture development is that we can celebrate our differences.  Let those differences shine bright and let them be the bond that ties this Garfield community together.