• Notes on Discipline and Bullying


    We expect all students to exemplify the core values outlined in the Wolverine Way when they are here. Teachers teach students about the core values and each value is introduced through our “Theme of the Week” program at the beginning of the year. All families are provided with our Joaquin Miller Bully-Free Protocol and all students must sign the JM Bully Free Pledge.


    All teachers use a positive discipline system in their classrooms. They are trained in multiple intervention strategies and conflict resolution strategies to address minor behaviors like class disruptions. These strategies could include time for reflection, a card change, or a visit to a buddy teacher’s classroom for a timeout.


    Major behaviors like fighting, stealing, or bullying are addressed by the principal. Parents are contacted for major behaviors and students must complete a Student Statement form to be signed by the parent. On this form, the student explains what they did and how they can improve their behavior.


    For more sever bullying situations, our No Bully System Solution Team coaches lead a multi-week structured restorative justice cycle to intervene and prevent the bullying situation from going any further.


    Lastly, all teachers engage their students in social emotional learning through use of the Second Step and Caring School Community programs. Students engage in daily class meetings as well.