• About African American Male Achievement at Ralph Bunche Academy

    Marking period one
    This course uses historical literature to educate students on black history. Students will read, hold academic conversations using the 5 core skills (elaborate and clarify, support ideas with examples, build on and/or challenge a partner’s idea, paraphrase, synthesize), and also write responses to literature. Class periods will revolve around the five modalities (Knowledge share, Lab, Group Learning, Academic discourse, and teamwork). One of the key concepts the class highlights is the idea of how gaining knowledge is transformative. Students learn through the literature, lectures, and discussions how in order to grow, survive, and thrive, historical figures such as Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, Kunte Kinte, and Huey P. Newton had to gain knowledge and transform their identities. This allows students to make a connection in their own lives and recognize identities that have been created for them. As they gain knowledge through the course students become motivated to pick their own identity that will benefit them and their community. This class also involves a student community based project, where students will create a proposal for a business/community project that will benefit the African American community. Students will learn new enterprising ideas to raise money so they can be the ones to put their proposal into action.  
African American Male Acheivement