• Student at Roosevelt Middle School


    The Asian Pacific Islander Student Achievement (APISA) Initiative lifts up the diverse API populations in Oakland for every student to thrive, achieve and succeed in OUSD.

    The APISA Initiative will:

    1. Build a strong network of staff, families, youth leaders, and community groups throughout Oakland supporting all API students to achieve and thrive.

    2. Ensure that OUSD’s systems, infrastructure, and school content are serving and reflecting the diversity of our over 45 Asian and Pacific Islander populations.

    3. Lift up the stories, experiences, and histories of our API students to inform and create empowering, safe, supportive, and inclusive community schools.



    Lailan Huen
    Program Manager
    Asian Pacific Islander
    Student Achievement

    Oakland Unified School District
    Office of Equity
    1000 Broadway, Suite 398
    Oakland, CA 94607







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    Asian Pacific Islander Student Achievement is a targeted initiative of the Oakland Unified School District's Office of Equity.
    To learn more about the Office of Equity and other targeted initiatives, visit www.ousd.org/equity.