• Assistant Principal Donnell Mayberry


    Donnell Mayberry began his educational journey in Arizona. 8 years later he transitioned to California where he began serving Oakland’s beautiful, bold, and bright minds at Ralph J. Bunche Academy. Mr. Mayberry has held the roles of adjunct professor, teacher, coach and assistant principal.  He’s an extraordinary leader in the Bunche Restorative Justice Program and continues to be committed to supporting our most vulnerable and resilient students. He looks for each student to discover their best selves and transform their own lives.


    Mr. Mayberry believes that to be an effective leader, one must create a safe and respectful environment that is interactive and collaborative while promoting problem-solving and critical thinking. He and the team at Ralph J. Bunche Academy feel that students should experience frequent and repeated opportunities to act, react, and interact with an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. This is what we call The School of Resiliency!

Mr. Mayberry