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    Garfield Elementary School is one of the largest and oldest Elementary Schools in Oakland, located in the San Antonio District. It has been in existence circa 1928 and was named after the 20th President, James A. Garfield. He was the president, from March 4, 1881 until September 19, 1881.  

    Currently, approximately 550 TK-5th grade scholars attend this school and are steadily rising to the top. Garfield Elementary School focuses heavily on literacy, including a focus on foundational literacy skills and evidence-based reading and writing. Teachers have received extensive training to address scholars’ reading and writing needs by focusing on standards-based unit and lesson planning with a focus on weekly formative assessments. Along with a new mathematics curriculum and technological support, our scholars are being challenged on a new level to prepare them for the real world once they graduate high school. With the support from Garfield teachers, families and the East Bay Asian Youth Center's after school program and parent center, Garfield students are receiving the attention they deserve in this fast pace society.  



    Our Students

    45% Hispanic or Latino

    17% Black or African American

    32% Asian

    2% Filipino

    1% American Indian or Native Alaskan

    1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

    1% White

    1% 2 or More Races


    54% English Language Learners

    93% Free or Reduced Lunch