Stay Involved


    Stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in the Blueprint for Quality Schools work and the Citywide Plan.


Thank you for participating!



    Thank you principals, school staff, families and community members for acting upon a vision for your school by sharing any potential changes you would like to see in your school configuration and/or programming by submitting a Preliminary Proposal for Change in School Program


    Submitted proposals will be considered by District Leadership for possible inclusion in Cohort 2. 



    Thank you to everyone that participated in the first phase of the Blueprint for Quality Schools initiative.


    Community members participated in:


    • Retreats: Three retreats on focused topics were held during the Summer of 2017.


    • Community Dialogues: There were two sets of meetings held (one for the data phase, one for options) in which Advisory Group members engaged the community in conversation and sought feedback.


    • Blueprint Advisory Group: This group was made up of approximately 55 community members representing the diversity of Oakland's regions and residents.


    • Small group meetings: Focus groups and study sessions were held as necessary or upon request from the community. These provided time and space for a deeper dive with communities that have concerns.