• Pathway: Digital Media


    Oakland Community Day School strongly believes that our students deserve opportunities to expand their future academic and career choices. In partnership with OUSD, KDOL TV works in colloboration with schools sites to offer premium education in digital media, production, and editing. Our students benefit from having skilled, experienced teachers who incorporate modern production methods with their curriculum-providing a robust, exciting, and innovative experience on campus. Our students get the chance to shoot, edit, and produce their own videos. Those videos have been exhibited at KDOL TV's showings. 


    Ms. Zarah Hansen leads the instruction on Digital Media at campus. With an education from Boston University and years of experience working with media production across academic and professional industries, she is able to educate our students on camera work, editing, and the intricate processes of media. Her skills are an invaluable assest and she has been a strong member of our school community. 


    Mr. Jessie McGafie is a pillar at Oakland Community Day School. His roles are numerous: one day a teacher, one a counselor, and yet another as a Digital Media instructor. Working in concert with Ms. Zarah Hansen, Mr. McGaffie ensures our students receive all the support they need to understand the nuisances and complexities of using recording equipment, media software, and filming. 


    Interview with former OUSD Superintendent, Antwan Wilson    Editing a video   Using the green screen!

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