• Oakland Community Day School is the expulsion school for the Oakland Unified School District. Students and their families often arrive to campus with mixed emotions that can range from anger, anxiety, and even uncertainty. The term, “expulsion school,” can be difficult to process. Nevertheless, CDS staff want students and their families to know that we are committed to their child’s education, well-being, and academic future.


    Our team on campus have many years of combined experience working with students from different backgrounds and situations. We work extensively with youth on areas such as social-emotional learning, mental health, life skills development, and education. We work with parents towards the shared goal of helping the child build investment as a student. It is the obligation of our community to nurture our youth to become life-long learners. We strongly believe in the word, community.


    Becoming a CDS Student


    Step 1: Schedule an appointment.

                -Call the main office and speak with Ms. Backer (Administrative Assistant) or Mr. L (Case Manager) on scheduling a time to register your child.


    Step 2: Registration

                -Ms. Backer and Ms. Erica (Therapist) will guide you and your child through the registration process. We will communicate to your child on what to expect on the first few days as a CDS student and what our campus has to offer. If you would like to explore on-campus therapy as a resource for your child, please bring their Medi-Cal number—if applicable—on the day of registration.


    Step 3: Start your first day!

                -Your child starts their first official day at CDS on the day after registration.


    Step 4: Readmission Check-in/ Plan Development

                -Once your child is settled, Mr. L will counsel your child. We will review the expectations for readmission and proceed to outline a plan.


    Step 5: Readmission Hearing

                -Patience is key. Once your child becomes a fully-integrated participant in the school community, the time will fly by. A readmission hearing will be scheduled. Your child will be prepared and we’ll proceed with the hearing.