We know that parents of elementary schools in Oakland have many choices, and we thank you for exploring Madison Park Academy.

    Here are 10 reasons why families choose Madison Park Academy:

    1. Joy - Students are happy at MPA. Just walk through our hallways and see for yourself!
    2. Peace - Students experience how to create peace and how to resolve conflict effectively using restorative practices.
    3. Community - Students are taught how to build strong communities and how to be community leaders.
    4. Academic Challenge - We are a personalized learning school, students who are on grade level or advanced are challenged to reach even greater academic heights.
    5. Academic Support - Because we are a personalized learning school, students who are struggling academically get special attention to help them catch up and become advanced.
    6. Problem-Solving - In addition to academic skills such as reading, writing, and math, the students' experience is based mostly in thinking critically to solve real-world problems.
    7. Work Habits - Students are taught habits of mind that will last beyond elementary school, like goal setting, growth mindset, and effort.
    8. Safety - All instances of bullying are resolved immediately!
    9. Leadership - The MPA Principal and Teaching Staff have many years of classroom experience and supporting children during learning and in life.
    10. Teachers - MPA carefully selects its teachers through a rigorous process to ensure we hire people who are good role models and strong instructors who continually seek to improve their craft.


    • Because we are a public school, there is no tuition for the day program.
    • There are some fees for the afterschool program, with a sliding pay scale for those families with two or more children needing financial support.