• Welcome to United For Success Academy!

    We are truly the best full-service community school in Oakland! As a small middle school, located in the lively and culturally rich Fruitvale community, our mission is to interrupt inequities in our community by ensuring all students are academically and socially prepared for success in high school and beyond. In order to achieve our mission, we have partnered with the community to offer services to supplement our academic program and address the needs of the whole-child. We offer an extensive after-school program open to everyone, a health clinic onsite with dental services, a Univision media center, on site mental health providers, a community schools manager and an academic counselor, a robust elective program including art, computer science, music, reading and math support classes, affinity groups for our boys and girls to deepen their understanding about their own history and culture, a family center that is open daily, parent education classes, and much more.

    We work together to create a vision in service of our mission: 1. Achieve Academically – students are strong readers and writers, algebra-ready, and technologically proficient. They learn an demonstrate their understanding in holistic and varied ways; 2. Uphold Community – students are engaged in positive, healthy relationships at school and in the greater Fruitvale community. Students celebrate and embrace their rich diversity of identities and experiences; 3. Create Solutions – students are critical thinkers who are intellectually curious, advocate for their own learning, apply their learning an engage in inquire/problem –solving cycles; and 4. Unfold as Leaders – students are leaders who utilize their voice, talents, and creativity to advocate for themselves and other sand to bring about positive social change in the school and community.


    All of this can be summed up in our signature poem highlighting our four core values: Achieve. Uphold. Create. Unfold.


    Like the eagle, we achieve to the heights of our abilities.

    Like the mountain, we uphold each other and our community.

    Like the river, we create new possibilities.

    Like the acorn, we unfold into the leaders we were meant to be.


    Thank you for visiting our website! Please do not hesitate to reach out to our front office if you have any questions.