Mrs. Denise J. Burroughs



Degrees and Certifications:

*Bachelor of Science, Vocational Education Studies, with an emphasis in Human Resource Development from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale *Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential from Holy Names College *Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, with an Administrative Services Credential from Mills College *Member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Mrs. Denise J. Burroughs

Denise J. Burroughs, along with the Carl B. Munck community, has been the recipient of three Title I Academic Achievement Awards.  The school experienced steady, consistent academic growth towards the State of California expected academic progress index of 800 or higher and met that goal, at an API of 821. Movement to Common Core State Standards and online state assessment administration reset how academic progress is captured, with multiple measures, as to the state of each school. As with any changes, schools must strive to meet new growth goals.

Knowing the importance of enrichment beyond the classroom, Mrs. Burroughs was instrumental in establishing community partnerships to provide physical activity through organized sports, chorus, drumming, visual and performing arts, computer media technology/makerspace, science, gardening and other activities during the afterschool program. She established partnerships with Art Esteem which brings resident artists to support art education during the instructional day.

Her belief is that all children can learn, but must be able to learn at their "zone of proximal development," and must have opportunity to showcase their innate gifts and talents, beyond a test score. Hence the importance of visual and performance arts instruction, along with Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Math, Science, Music, Physical Education, Vocational and Life Skills. Ongoing efforts continue to establish community partnerships, and bring in other entities, which supports the whole child.