• Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment allows students who are still in high school to take college-level courses and accelerate their educational achievement. Dual enrolled students earn credit towards high school graduation, while at the same time earning college credits (3 Peralta Units = 10 OUSD Credits). Most Dual Enrollment courses are conveniently offered on the high school campus (unless otherwise noted).


    Registration fees, tuition and lab fees are waived for Dual Enrollment students. All services available to regular college students, such as use of the Library and Tutoring Center are also available to dual enrolled students. Textbooks are purchased by the participating public high schools.


    Dual Enrollment is an accelerated path to and through college, saving time and money. Dual Enrollment expands Career Tech Education Pathways at high schools or provide more college readiness courses that are often transferable to four-year colleges. Students who complete even a single college class are more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, persist in college, and complete an Associate’s degree or higher.


    For more info, visit our Dual Enrollment Website or view the Dual Enrollment Student Handbook


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