• Welcome to Astronomy at Burckhalter:

    Home of the National Center for Elementary Astronomy Studies

    Our home is Room 15 of the Oakland Unified School District’s Burckhalter Elementary School in Oakland, California. The school was named after far-reaching astronomer Charles Burckhalter, the first Director of the Chabot Observatory in Oakland, and a cofounder and past president of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

    We, in a similar spirit and tradition as Mr. Burckhalter, are dedicated to passing on the beauty, joy, and wonder of astronomy to our next generation of students, not only here in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area, but to our National and International partners.

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  • John Panogos

    Mr. John Panagos

    Founder and Director,
    National Center for Elementary Astronomy Studies at Burckhalter Elementary School

    Personal Bio 

    3994 Burckhalter Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94605