About Brookfield Elementary

  • Brookfield Elementary is a community school that focuses on high academic achievement, while emphasizing a safe and nurturing learning experience for all students. At Brookfield, parents and school staff work together to ensure all students are safe from bullying and are treated fairly by teachers.


    We are supported by the Ann Martin Center, which provides students mental health services, and by Higher Ground Neighborhood Corp, which provides expanded learning opportunities for our students. Our curriculum emphasizes social-emotional learning in the classroom, we have a robust Special Education program, and our programming is dedicated to supporting English Language Learners. In addition, we have an active School Site Council where families and school community are constantly in dialogue with school staff about ways to improve our school. 


    Because we focus on family participation and involvement, and because we ensure our students are safe and ready to learn, Brookfield is the ideal place for students and families who wish to be part of a thriving community, dedicated to student success both in and out of the classroom. 


    Brookfield students