• Mack Makers

    Unified Vision

    The Maker spaces include The Shop (located in the original wood shop space) and the Mack Maker Space (room 224) as part of the new Library Innovation Technology Center


    What is Making and/or a Maker Space and what do the spaces have in common? 

    A makerspace can be defined as any place where a student can design, explore, and create using a diverse set of tools and materials. McClymonds High School will integrate the "maker movement" into the STEAM Pathways in a variety of ways, motivated by the understanding that makerspaces allow and enhance great learning opportunities. They offer unique, innovative experiences for engaging learning goals. 


    How exactly are the spaces aligned with the Pathways? 

    The Mack Maker space in 224 is the foundational discovery phase where Mack scholars can tap their innovation skills and explore projects that are ignited by self interests. As students deepen their understanding of what they are interested in pursuing, they can access the space to match those interests.


    Descriptions of each Maker Space at McClymonds High School


    Mack Maker Space in the LIT Center (Room 224)

    Now Open!

    The Mack Maker Space is to be thought of in terms of places, projects and practices. Its mission is to create more opportunities for young people to make, and, by making, build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts, and learning as a whole.

    The goal of this work is “to make evident how science, engineering, and technology influence our ability to interact and cope with an unfolding reality that we are part of, live in, and feed upon.” John Boyd

    Guiding Principles:


    • To create a context that develops the maker mindset, a growth mindset that encourages students to believe they can learn to do anything
    • To build a new body of practice in teaching, making and develop a corps of practitioners
    • To design and develop makerspaces in a variety of community contexts that serve a diverse group of learners who do not all share the same resources


    The Shop (original wood shop)

    Now Open!

    The Shop is a 21st century industrial arts and manufacturing laboratory. Developed in the abandoned woodshop on the McClymonds campus, The Shop still includes all of the necessary tools for commercial and recreational woodworking. Modern revitalization has expanded The Shop’s manufacturing capabilities to include metallurgy, machining, screen printing, laser cutting, CNC table routing, and a variety of other processes. The Shop supports the industrial arts classes and projects of the McClymonds High School STEAM Pathway, and is also available for use by McClymonds High School teachers, students, staff, and community members. Users of The Shop will be developing skills as artists and manufacturers while gaining confidence as people with the agency to create and shape their worlds.