• Teachers visit other schools as part of the redesign process

    Hoover teachers visit other schools as part of our redesign process!

    Hoover has a unique opportunity to go through a redesign process by improving current structures and creating TK-8 alignment in order to build a better school for our students and our community. With the support of OUSD, Educate 78, our community, parents, students, and staff, we are reimagining how the “Hoover Way” looks, feels, and lives.

    Our design team is led by a group of dedicated teachers, staff and, most importantly, parents. The team meets bi-weekly to discuss how to engage in the work throughout the year of what a successful school looks like via parent and community engagement as well as teacher input.

    The first year, or the proposal year, consisted of exploring different school sites and structures in order to get learn about what programs we would want to try and culminated in a proposal to the district. We are currently in our 2nd year, or design year, which includes teacher-led pilots, ongoing school-site visits, and parent/community engagement workshops. The launch process is expected to take 3-4 years.

    If you would like to be a part of this exciting process, please contact our principal, Ashley Martin or any of the Design Team members listed below.