• Information Technology Pathway Pathway Photo

    Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have expanded the need for employees who can understand, manage, and support all rapidly emerging, evolving, and converging computer, software, networking, telecommunications, Internet, programming, and information systems.

    Essential skills for careers in the ICT sector include understanding systems that support the management and flow of data, the ability to work well and communicate clearly with people, and the ability to manage projects efficiently.

    The ICT sector meets national criteria for high demand, high wages, and high skills and provides students with excel- lent opportunities for interesting work and good pay. More than 70 percent of jobs in this sector will require a bachelor’s degree or higher by 2018.

  • Sample Careers

    • Simulation Designer
    • Computer and Information Systems Manager
    • Computer Security Specialist
    • Network Engineer
    • Web Developer
    • Computer Programmer
    • Multimedia Artist and Animator
    • Game Software Developer
CCPA students at a coding workshop at Facebook