• What Is Linked Learning?


  •  A Brief Overview...

    Linked Learning is a successful approach to education based on the idea that students work harder and dream bigger if their education is relevant to them. The Linked Learning approach integrates rigorous academics that meet college-ready standards with sequenced, high-quality career-technical education, work-based learning, and supports to help students stay on track. 


    For Linked Learning students, education is organized around industry-sector themes. Their chosen industry theme is woven into lessons taught by teachers who collaborate across subject areas with input from working professionals, and reinforced by work-based learning with real employers. This makes learning more like the real world of work, and helps students answer the question, “Why do I need to know this?”


    Linked Learning addresses some of the fundamental challenges facing California’s high schools. Many traditional academic programs do not feel relevant to students’ lives and aspirations. At the same time, career and technical education (CTE) often lacks the academic rigor required for admissions to and success in college. Linked Learning provides students of all levels and abilities with the best possible chance for success in college and career.


    A broad and diverse community of educators, employers, policymakers, and community-based organizations champion Linked Learning, aiming to expand and improve programs and offer them to more students across the state. The Linked Learning Alliance, a statewide coalition comprised of more than 250 educators, industry professionals, and community leaders, is a hub of information and works to build awareness about Linked Learning, advocate for policies that support high-quality implementation, and expand Linked Learning opportunities for students.


    Linked Learning is transforming secondary education in Oakland into a personally relevant, wholly engaging experience for all levels of students, exposing them to previously unimagined college and career opportunities.


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     OUSD Goals for 2020

    Linked Learning Enrollment:

    80% of High School Students are Enrolled in Linked Learning Pathways
    100% of Rising Sophomores are Enrolled in Linked Learning Pathways
    85% Cohort Graduation Rate Across the City

    Students Graduating from an OUSD High School:

    75% will meet UC/CSU A-G Criteria
    60% of African-American, Latino, Special Education, English Language Learner (ELL), and Foster Youth meet A-G Requirements


    OIH Graduation Photo