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    The deadline for submissions for any of the communication tools at Skyline is Wednesday at 5 PM.


    If you have any announcements, events, stories, or calendar items you want to share in the newsletter or on the website, please fill out the Skyline News and Events Form. For questions, please contact Web Manager Bridget Rivezzo

Communications Tools

Skyline High School News - Archived Electronic Newsletters

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    Skyline High School News


    The Skyline High School News is the electronic news bulletin produced by the PTSA in conjunction with the Skyline Administration to keep you informed about the all the events, activities, and important campus news. This electronic newsletter comes out every Sunday that school is in session during the school year with the exception of the week of Thanksgiving break, Winter Break and Spring Break. If you have signed up and are not getting the Newsletter contact the PTSA Communications Manger - PTSA.Communications@skylinehs.org


    You can Sign Up to receive Skyline High School News on the OUSD website today.

Last Modified on May 30, 2017