• 4th Grade 
    Room 254: Stanford 
Ms. Landheer



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Leadership Studies and Political Science, University of Richmond 2016 Teaching Credential - Loyola Marymount University

Ms. Landheer


Role at Garfield


4th Grade Teacher


Who are you? 


I was born and raised here in the Bay Area. I went to college in Virginia at the University of Richmond.! In my free time you might find me running or having a picnic at Lake Merritt, playing with my dogs, or enjoying meals with my friends and family.


What are your core values?


My core values are respect, patience, gratitude, and growth.


How did your family, educational experiences, etc. impact your life?


As the oldest of four children, I always felt a lot of pressure from my parents to succeed in school and to be a role model for my younger siblings. My mom always stressed the importance of education to me, explaining that it can be used as a vessel to secure further opportunities in life. She always wanted me to have choices in life and emphasized that succeeding in school would help with that.


Why do you do this work?


I do this work because I am passionate about helping students reach their true potential. I love our community and want each of our students to grow up feeling confident about themselves and their ability to make choices for their futures.



What are 1-2 things you want all students to know (ie. I believe in myself, I can be anything I want to be)?


One thing I want all students to know is that they all have people in their lives who think they are special- who see the special sides of them that make them who they are, and who believe that they will be and do something great in the future (in addition to being great and doing great things now)! 


What is your greatest hope for culture development this school year?


I hope everyone in our building feels known, seen, and valued every day!