• Glenview Elementary School

    Classroom Building


    Architect Drawing of Proposed Glenview Classroom Building


    A new modern classroom building is under construction at Glenview Elementary. The new building will replace the current classroom building and relocatables. The new classroom building will include the existing main entry and accompanying façade, yard in front of main entry will be repaved. New handicap accessible (ADA) stair lift by stairs will provide accessibility from street level to the main entry doorway. Replacement of 21 classrooms, library, cafeteria, and administrative offices.


    The new classroom building will also feature:

    • New Multipurpose room with new stage
    • Storage under stage for chairs
    • Folding cafeteria tables
    • Striping for basketball for indoor physical education
    • Modern and efficient plumbing, electric HVAC, and WiFi systems

Weekly Construction Update

  • Below is an overview of the ongoing and upcoming work on campus.
    Attached are:
    - The 4 Week Look Ahead Schedule
    - Photos of points of interest across campus (see descriptions below).
    What to expect on campus August 8 - August 19: 
    - While the status of work on campus may be hard to gauge from outside the construction zone, there are, in fact, approximately 50-60 workers on site daily. This is the maximum size work crew the site can accommodate. The majority of these workers are inside the building working on the tasks listed below and more.
    - Exterior work continues across campus focusing on window installation and testing, and preparations for the application of stucco which includes affixing weather barrier materials and wire mesh. This work is moving from west to east across campus.
    - Ongoing interior tasks include priming and painting of doors and window frames, framing of interior portico spaces, tilling in hallways, and finishing double-sided sheet rock in classrooms. Sheet-rocking continues in the multi purpose room as well.
    - Work at the front of the school, infilling and grading the areas surrounding entrance ramps has begun. Dirt is being compacted in this area as well and preparations for concrete walls are in process.
    - A silo containing materials for stucco application has been installed in the upper campus courtyard (see photos below.)  A second silo is being considered for the site to speed the stucco application process. This silo may be placed in the fire lane on the North side of campus This location will be determined by the contractor.
    For reference, the pictures attached include:
    - Infill, compaction work, and concrete wall preparations at front of school
    - Silo position on upper yard  
    - Skylight installation on multi-purpose room, and uninstalled skylight units

Project Contacts

  • Project Address
    4215 La Cresta Ave.

    Oakland, CA 94602


    HKIT Architects


    ADCo/Turner/Alten, Joint-Venture


    Project Manager
    William Newby



    Community Engagement 
    Shelly Fierston




Project Update

Quick Facts

  • $58.8 M Budget, funded by Measure J Bond

    • Retention of iconic art deco façade and cascading stairs at the corner of Hampel and La Cresta
    • New building will be modern and meet seismic requirements mandated by the State to protect the safety of students and staff
    • High performance building will feature good lighting, clean air, and comfortable classrooms to create healthy learning environments for students
    • Hardwood flooring from the old Multipurpose room will be repurposed in the Lobby of the new building