Laurel Elementary School Finishing Kitchen


    Aerial View of Laurel Elementary School

    Aerial view of Laurel Elementary School

    Currently, the Multi-Purpose Building at Laurel Elementary School serves as a makeshift kitchen serving pre-packaged food delivered to the school.

    The scope of this project is to construct a fully equipped Finishing Kitchen building addition to the Multi-Purpose Building. The service line will include a hot meal cooked in the new Finishing Kitchen, a self-service salad bar, and chilled milk.

    This project also includes seismic retrofit of the multi-purpose room and acoustical treatment.

Project Contacts

Quick Facts

  • OUSD’s ‘Rethinking School Lunch in Oakland’ initiative is dedicated to expanding the District’s healthy meals program by updating meal service facilities districtwide. This includes renovating and building finishing kitchens on school campuses, allowing our students to enjoy fresh meals prepared Measure J Bond daily on site.

    $1.8M Budget, funded by OUSD’s "Rethinking School Lunch in Oakland" Initiative

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