About OUSD’s Options Process
    Since 2005-06, OUSD has used an enrollment system called “Options” for enrollment in its elementary, middle and high school levels. The Options System lets families participate in and influence the process of selecting a school for their children. The school tours, open houses, and options fairs set the stage for Open Enrollment, which lasts from December to January, and provides families a head start in selecting desirable school options.

    The Options Process is designed to help families and students choose a school that they believe will meet the particular needs of their children. The Family & Community Office manages the Options Process to give families the ability to select schools and educational options throughout Oakland.

    The Options Process does not guarantee that every family will be accepted into its first-choice school. It does, however, significantly expand the social and educational options available for Oakland families, particularly those of modest means.

    The Options Process reinforces OUSD’s commitment to offering a diverse portfolio of high-quality schools that expands opportunity for public schools students. By increasing access to a range of academic programs, many of which would otherwise be out-of-reach for disadvantaged students, the Options Process serves the District goals of Achievement, Equity, and Accountability.


    Emerson welcomes children from all over Oakland. Emerson has an amazing staff, an active parent group, wonderful enrichment, and a beautiful campus. Come take a look!

    Usually, you would come to campus, meet with a current parent and Ms. Champion, our community school manager in the courtyard at 9am. Then you would tour classrooms and the school grounds in addition to hearing about our programs and partnerships. There would also be an opportunity to meet and ask questions of Principal Palin. 


    Emerson staff and PTA are working on a way to help families learm more about Emerson during Shelter in Place. We are hoping to set up Zoom tours and Q&As, as well as meet and greets for prospective families. More details coming soon.

    If we are able to be back in person sometime before Options Applications are due, we will work to arrange small tours of our facilities and classrooms, let you ask questions, and help you get to know us better. Ideally you'd get to see classes in session, see our library and grounds, and hear about all the exciting enrichment programs. Tours usually take place in October and November.

    Stay tuned here for more information about possible online tours and open houses for prospective families for Fall 2020! 

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