• Field trip guidelines


      • All chaperones, volunteers and drivers need to follow the procedures for OUSD volunteers.  Please follow this  Link
      • Ensure that the children in your car (if under 6 years or 60 lbs.) are either in car seats or booster seats. This is a state law as of 1/1/2002 (however, the NHTSA recommends that children remain in booster seats until 8 years, 80 lbs. and 4’9 tall).

      • Remember that most booster seats need a shoulder harness, and should not be used with a lap belt alone.

      • Per the Oakland Police department’s program on Child Car Safety (car seats and transportation) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, please:
          • Do not allow children 12 and under to sit in the front passenger seat of a car, with or without airbags. Children who are small should not be permitted to use the front passenger seat even if they meet the age requirement.

          • Do not allow children to use a seat that does not have both a lap and shoulder restraint (this applies to most middle rear seats) except as a last resort.

          • Do not allow children to ride in rear facing “third” seats except as a last resort. Due to the proximity of the rear bumper to the passengers, even a slight “bump” can cause injury. In addition, most car seats and booster seats are not designed to be rear facing for older children.

      • Go directly to the destination and return directly to school.

      • Follow the driving directions the teacher has provided, even if you know another way. It is important that we are all en route together.

      • Remember, you are fully responsible for the children who have been assigned to you. Please keep track of them, and keep them in your control at all times. You need to be proactive (e.g. actively supervise the children who have been assigned to you).

      • Do not allow the children in your care to make purchases unless it has been pre-arranged by the teacher.

      • Please do not use a cell phone while driving. If you have to use a cell phone, please pull over safely before doing so.

      • Please, no smoking and no drinking on school trips.  This applies even if you are not driving.

      • Siblings are not permitted to be brought along on school trips.  The field trip is only authorized for the children in the class and their chaperones.

    Class field trips can be lots of fun for kids and adults alike.
    Please do your share to ensure successful field trips for our class this year by signing up to drive! Thanks.

    More information is available from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Middle School Field Trips

    Field trip info will be posted soon! Please contact Middle School Field Trip Coordinator Sarah Holliman with questions.