Roosevelt’s mission is to empower all students to be creative community leaders by providing them with a strong academic foundation, equipping them with 21st century skills, and instilling a community ethic. We will accomplish these outcomes by creating a vibrant learning experience through engaging personalized instruction, designing solutions to real-world problems, and by supporting the whole child. We believe that our model will provide students with a strong foundation for success in high school, college, career, and global citizenship.


    At Roosevelt, every staff member and student strive to embody these core values to CREATE an atmosphere where we all learn and thrive.


    Curiosity - We seek to explore our world and our place in it, thinking outside the box and constantly innovating.
    Reliability - We fulfill our commitments and are timely because we know others depend on us.
    Empathy - We strive to understand the diverse viewpoints of others.
    Affirmation - We seek to build up all of those around us.
    Teamwork - We cultivate relationships within our community and work together to achieve our goals.
    Effort - We believe that each one of us must do our best and work our hardest.