• Now Hiring Teachers and Staff:

    Fremont High School is a 9th-12th grade school dedicated to providing a rigorous, inclusive and equitable education to Oakland students. 


    We are seeking highly qualified candidates who embody the following values:

    • Are deeply committed to equity and social justice and a passion for building relationships with a diverse set of students, teachers and families in an urban high school
    • Are able to personalize learning for all students and support them academically, socially, and emotionally
    • Are eager to collaborate and develop project based and interdisciplinary units that engage and empower students in their own learning
    • Have a growth mindset about students and families and see them as members of rich cultures who require access to rigorous, relevant and exciting curriculum
    • Hold high expectations for students, make data-based decisions and use powerful pedagogical approaches to help students achieve mastery
    • Have experience or a strong desire to work with high school students and their families


    We wish to invite highly qualified candidates to our team of teachers who embody the following:


    Values & Characteristics

    Teaching Practices

    • Culturally aware - anti-racist - understand our community

    • Multilingual (especially in Spanish but also in Arabic, Mam, etc.)

    • Hold growth mindset and avoid deficit thinking about our students

    • Have faced adversity and persevered - resilient and won’t give up on our kids

    • Passionate about and committed to the work, our students, and our community

    • Collaborative

    • Reflective about practice - willingness to learn and improve

    • Partner with families to improve outcomes for students

    • Possess or are actively working towards the appropriate credential requirements

    • Self-aware and demonstrates social emotional competence

    • Use structures and routines to maximize learning time

    • Adept managers of classroom environment

    • Utilize appropriate scaffolds to support the success of all students (especially for ELL’s and Special Education students)

    • Do the hard work needed to plan & prepare engaging and accessible curriculum

    • Employ trauma-informed practices

    • Cooperative learning structures

    • Trained in content-specific pedagogy and curriculum development

    • Plan curriculum with standards-based learning targets and aligned assessments

    • Provide students with timely feedback and multiple opportunities to improve

    • Flexible in curriculum design for staff collaboration and student relevance

    If you are interested in applying for a position, please complete the following steps:

    1. Send an introductory email (letter of introduction) to the following: Principal Nidya Baez (nidya.baez@ousd.org) and AP Michael Gebreslassie (michael.gebreslassie@ousd.org)
    2. Please attach the most recent version of your resume
    3. Apply via OUSD Jobs



  • Current positions available 2023-24:

    • Pathway Coach (Teacher coach)
    • Paraeducators (Classroom support)
    • Resource Specialist (Classroom teacher)
    • Volleyball Coach (stipend with OAL)
    • Crosscountry Coach (stipend with OAL)
    • Track Coach (stipend with OAL)
    • Library Tech