• Welcome to the REACH Academy Computer Lab!


    Kinder in lab

    The computer lab is located in the main building just down the hall from the office. We have 32 desktop computers running on the Windows 7 platform. All computers have Internet access, which is utilized daily. 


    During the first week of classes students are provided with the following expectations for the computer lab, which closely mirror the schoolwide expectations:


    • Be Respectful
      • To Others
      • To Yourself
      • To the Equipment
    • Be Responsible
      • Helpful
      • Careful
      • Honest
    • Be Resilient
      • Positive attitude
      • Flexibility
      • Keep trying
    • Be a Scholar
      • Think & Listen First
      • Be curious
      • Ask Questions 
    • Be a Good Citizen
      • Be Respectful to All
      • Help When You Can
      • Give Personal Best
    • Be Mindful
      • Calm
      • Peaceful
      • Focused on NOW
    Click here to download Master Prep Schedule. master prep schedule



master schedule
  • Elaine Shelly-Burns


Last Modified on August 26, 2016