• Carolyn Traylor supervises academic planning, goal setting and record keeping for all students, coordination of placement, referrals to programs and agencies, and scheduling, as well as crisis prevention and intervention. Students can request class changes by filling out a form outside the counselor’s office.
    Mrs. Traylor also works with eighth graders through the Kuder Navigator program, helping them connect their careers goals to the educational steps they need to take right now. Eighth grade students are also shepherded through the Options process for selecting high schools through Mrs. Traylor.
    The counselor(s) at Bret Harte Middle School believe that …

    • All students have dignity and worth.

    • All students can be successful learners.

    • All students should have the opportunity to realize their unique potential
    academically, socially, and emotionally.

    • All students are entitled to equal access to education.

    • All students are entitled to a quality education that will enable them to become
    contributing members of society.

    • The counselors’ primary purpose is to advocate for the student.

    • The goal of our counseling program is to foster student accountability, improve
    academic performance, and engage students in their social emotional and social
    growth and career exploration.

    • The counseling program is available to all students, as well as their parents or

    • Parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, support specialists, and community
    providers are vital assets to a comprehensive counseling program.

    • Consultation, collaboration, counseling, and classroom guidance are all essential
    components of a successful counseling program.

    • The school counseling program should adhere to the Standards for School
    Counseling Programs in California Public Schools and to the American School
    Counselor Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

    • The counseling program is continuously improved through systematic review and
    evaluation of data in an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of the school’s
    diverse student population.
    All Bret Harte Middle School students receive the benefits of a school counseling
    program that is developmental in nature, preventive in design, and comprehensive
    in scope. As an integral part of the total educational program, our school counselors
    promote and ensure individual-access to services that challenge and support each
    student to reach his/her highest potential.
    The mission of the Bret Harte Middle School Counseling Program is to provide a
    comprehensive developmental program that addresses the social, emotional,
    academic, and career needs and aspirations of each student. Counseling services are
    provided through a classroom curriculum, as well as through individual and group
    counseling methods based on the Response to Intervention (RTI) model of support.
    In partnership with educators, parents, guardians, and the community, our school
    counselors work to prepare our diverse student population to be lifelong learners in
    an ever-changing world.