• At Roosevelt, safety is our top concern, and we believe that it is part of our responsibility to teach students how to be socially responsible.  Students who attend Roosevelt will learn how to treat others well and to support others' success.  This includes other students, adults at Roosevelt, and community members outside the school.


    1. We support every student 100% and will do our best to positively teach students to behave in a healthy and positive manner.
    2. At the same time, no student is allowed to disrupt class, the hallways, the offices, or outside the school.  We are tough because we care about the students and want them to learn to respect boundaries while they are young.
    3. When strategies within the school do not lead to a student changing their behavior, we will call home.  We expect parents/guardians to work with us for their child's welfare.
    4. In cases of extreme disruption, injury or threat (including bullying and harassment), students will be suspended and/or recommended for expulsion.


    Again, our hope is that we successfully teach every student how to treat others well and to support others' success.