• Accelerated Reader (AR) Overview
     Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer system that offers thousands of comprehension quizzes for books. At Garfield 3rd-5th grade students are no longer sent home with reading homework packets. Instead students are expected to read for approximately 45minutes+ per night.
    When a student finishes reading a book at their reading level they will take an AR quiz for it at school. If the book was at their independent reading level and they finished the book while paying attention they should be able to pass the AR quiz with 80-100%. If they do not pass the quiz with 80-100% that tells us they either did not pay attention to the book, they did not finish reading the book, or it was too difficult for them.
    Each book is worth a different amount of points. Please speak with your child's teacher to see how many points your student's grade level is expected to earn each week
  • How Many Books Wildcats Should Read Each Week 
    A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I = 8+ books
    J, K = 10-12 books
    L, M = 5-7 chapter books (or 10-12 picture books)
    N, O, P = 3-5 chapter books
    Q, R, S = 1-3 chapter books
    T, U, V = 1-3 chapter books (maybe even 1 long book over 2 weeks)