• DRESS CODE 2017-2018

    The dress code at Montera is modeled on professional dress expectations.

    • All Clothing: No obscene words or pictures, weapons, drug, alcohol, or tobacco-related items on clothing. No see-through clothing. No undergarments should be visible (ex. bras, underwear, under-shorts, etc). No tight clothing or clothing that reveals your underwear.
    • Shirts: No low-cut shirts or blouses. Midriffs must be covered (bottom of shirt must cover lower garment with arms raised). No spaghetti straps. No extra large arm holes on shirts.
    • Pants/Shorts/Skirts: No sagging pants (pants must be worn above the hip bone). Short skirts or shorts must be longer than the longest finger on your hands when down to your side. No tears or holes in pants, shorts or skirts above the longest finger on your hand when down to your side.
    • Headgear (i.e. hats, bandanas, hoods, etc.): Hats, visors and hoods may be worn outside and in hallways, but are to be removed at all times when entering school buildings and classrooms. No bandanas of any color.
    • Footwear: All footwear must be secured to foot (no flip-flops or slides).