Equity for All: Rigorous Instruction and Specialized Supports for Every Student
The Academic Social Emotional Learning Division, led by Dr. Devin Dillon, released its annual Academic Social Emotional Learning Guidance Document in August 2016. Below is a quick overview of the goals outlined in the Document.
Using the 4 T's (Task, Text, Talk Time) guide the implementation
of the following three areas:
  • Focus Area 1      Small Group Instruction
  • Focus Area 2      Writing in the 3 Text Types
  • Focus Area 3      Backward Lesson Design
Targeted Student Population
  • English Language Learners
  • African American Males & Females
  • Students with Special Needs
  • Foster Youth
Measuring Our Success: Student OutcomesOUSD
  • Graduates are college, career, and community ready
  • Students are proficient in state academic standards
  • Students are reading at or above grade level
  • English Learners are reaching English fluency
  • Students are engaged in school every day
  • Parents and families are engaged in school activities