• Welcome to the Budget Department

    The purpose of the Budget Department is to support the District's efforts to maximize the use of financial resources in pursuit of academic goals according to the Mission and Vision of the Superintendent’s Strategic Plan.


    The department works to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability through financial oversight, shared management, and mandatory reporting on the District's budget to the State and County Offices as well as to our community of stakeholders.


    The Budget team prides itself as a critical partner in promoting fiscal solvency at school and central office sites by providing assistance to maintain both an accurate account of Position Control and an annual balanced budget from budget development through the close of the school year.


    The Budget team is charged with ensuring that all budgetary transactions are coded accurately in Escape, the District’s Financial System according to the California Standardized Account Code Structure authored by the California Department of Education through the use of a Chart of Accounts Structure.

Budget Development Staff

Name Position Office Phone Email
Gina Murphy-Garrett Senior Executive Director Budget Development 510-879-4293 gina.murphy-garrett@ousd.org
Leslie Tavernier Director Budget Development 510-879-8869 leslie.tavernier@ousd.org
Angel Burr Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-3646 angel.burr@ousd.org
Thea Chhay Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-0126 thea.chhay@ousd.org
Sheila Clark Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-4284 sheila.clark@ousd.org
Delesia Clemons Receptionist Budget Development 510-879-3646 delesia.clemons@ousd.org
Ruth Dubose Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-8853 ruth.dubose@ousd.org
Roxanne Dunn Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-8864 roxanne.dunn@ousd.org
Chanthip Phongkhamsavath Senior Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-1029 c.phongkhamsavath@ousd.org
Cecelia Shields Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-8858 cecelia.shields@ousd.org
Keisha Smith Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-8867 keisha.smith@ousd.org
Troylynn Turner Financial Analyst Budget Development 510-879-8860 troylynn.turner@ousd.org