• Welcome to Accounts Payable

    OUSD The Accounts Payable Team manages the payments of District expenses, such as:

    • Utilities
    • Purchase orders
    • Consultant services
    • Employee reimbursements

    In addition, Accounts Payable supports schools and central office departments with payment needs and processing payments so they meet state and federal requirements and policies.

Account Managers (assigned by name of account)

Name Vendor Group Phone Email
Sue (Suchan) Kuang A-D 510-879-0831 suchan.kuang@ousd.org
Renee Bell E-F and H-M 510-879-0803 renee.bell@ousd.org
Lily Giang G and N-R 510-879-0829 lily.giang@ousd.org
Cynthia Flowers S - Z 510-879-0809 cynthia.flowers@ousd.org
Vanessa Brooks Supervisor, Accounts Payable Office 510-879-0757 vanessa.brooks@ousd.org